Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It Sucks to be Me


finally finished registering for SETC. Hazah!

i got back into voice lesson boot camp last friday. im considering 2 songs for my 90 second audition- Whats the Use in Wond'rin' from Carousal and My New Philosophy from Your a good Man Charlie Brown. im leaning towards the later because it more up beat and attention grabbing.

last weekend i got to see the touring version of Avenue Q with a friend i had seen it in NY a few years ago and noticed some small changes in the dialogue but all and all pretty enjoyable. it always fun watching the the old folks horror during the puppet sex scene.

i've also set out on a quest to find the shade of lip stick Nora wears in Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. any ideas?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life Upon the Wicked Stage*

South Eastern Theatre Conference or SETC -every year that has auditions, tech job interviews, workshops, Grad school auditions for theatres and universities in the (you guessed it) the south east U.S. It is also a chance for college students to get job in professional summer stock theatre.

right now it is about to give me a stroke. i have to get registered by Oct 8th. registration has to be done online and must include performance resume, training info, tech work resume, professor reference, a recent head shot, and more stuff i cant even remember right now. all that is just to audition at the STATE LEVEL. auditioning at the state level requires either 60 seconds of a monologue of 90 seconds of a monologue and a song.

i figure it always better to do a song because the most summer theatres (excluding Shakespeare FESTs) aren't performing Heda Gabbler and SubUrbia. i all wonderfully cheesy musicals.

the last two years i audition i didn't qualify to go past the state audition. i blame it on my lack of auditioning experience. but this year in auditioning in a new state and i feel like i have my A game on. plus bagging before i audition for the school in applying to will hopefully give me some good bragging material when i do my school audition/interviews


*note* the title of this update is a song from Show Boat, not a reference to Wicked the musical-which I'm not abig fan of (look it up)