Monday, December 28, 2009

a plea for retail

i've been spending my break (glorious,glorious xmas break) working at a large chain bookstore and cafe in an effort to be able to afford to eat. retail is always an adventure so before my break ends i'd like to reflect a little on things everyone should consider before going shopping.

coupons- i cannot magically make you coupon work if it is expired, does not apply to what you are buying, or the item your buying is already reduced. insisting i "try it anyway" will only lead to disappointment. also, no i cannot give you someone elses coupon that already been used. nor, can i magically look up your coupon in the register computer. print that shit out or suck it up and pay full price.

rudeness- being rude to me because you not happy about your miserable life doesn't make anything better. next time your rude to some low level employee take a sec and imagine what might be going on in their life. chances are their day has been just as bad as yours, probably worse consider you haven't been standing behind a register for 8 hours.

asking to speak to a manager- if after i've pleaded with you and done my best to convince you there is nothing further i can do to reduce your price you'd like to "speak to a manager" i'm telling you now it wont make any difference. they are not going to give you free money just for showing up. all your going to do is make a bunch of other shoppers angry for holding up the line. hope they dont decided to run over you in the parking lot.

that's enough for now.

next semester- Opera!!! Burlesque!!! stay tune.

Friday, July 3, 2009


acting requires a person to put aside their own morals and beliefs to become another person and in every way embody that character. actors often have to to audition for thing they dont agree with. that being said i absolutely refused to audition for this:

CASTING INFORMATION SHEET6/26/09 PROJECT: CMT “Larry the Cable Guy” – Tiki / Hawaiian Luau Christmas

SHOOT DATE: Wednesday, July 29, 2009
AUDITIONS HELD: Wednesday, July 1st and Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 CALLBACK: TBA AUDITION HELD AT: Moore Casting, LLC, 417 Welshwood Drive, Suite 109, Nashville, TN. 37211Driving directions are available on the web

CASTING SPECS – ALL TALENT MUST WORK AS LOCAL’S.Talent MUST be available for blocking, Monday, July 27th, rehearsal, Tuesday, July 28th and show / taping, Wednesday, July 29th, before sending.

Elves (3 or 4) Ages 18 and up – Little people (adults) – under 4’ 10”

Dancers (4) Ages 18 and up – Male and Female, diverse in look and type, ages 18 to 28

Carolers (4 or 5) Ages 18 and up – interesting groups, all male or mixed (male & female), a capella groups, barbershop quartets, glee club, etc. Stand-ins – Ages 18 and up. TBD.
18 and up

This will include looks like; Large Polynesian Men, Fire Dancers, Hula Dancers, Big & Tall - muscular (Off-season football guys), interesting looks. RATE: Union0A Please tell the actors to come dressed the part.NEEDED: 2 headshots / 2 resumes, make sure your agency name is on the headshots. Talent MUST be available for blocking, Monday, July 27th, rehearsal, Tuesday, July 28th and show / taping, Wednesday, July 29th, before sending...Email the photos of the talent you feel fit each character (Categorize). If you have any questions, call us at 615/ 831-0039.

i just couldn't do it on moral grounds. the vision of larry the cable guy filming his tiki Hawaiian luau christmas in july is enough to make my eyes roll to the back of my head. their has got to be better work out there.

Friday, June 12, 2009

sssssh it a Secret

i downloaded the audio book of The Secret. trying to envision all my wildest dreams coming true. its not easy because i previously thought of myself to be the worlds biggest pessimist. i'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, June 8, 2009

me and gypsy rose lee

i have this new obsession. i want to become a burlesque performer.

i always like burlesque but i finally realized "hey i could do that" only question is how? the city i live in has a burlesque group but i dont know if they will hold auditions this year because they have a lot of members (also i was on the myspace page for one of those members and she spelled a lot as one word, so i should be given some credit for that)

anyway, if the do have auditions it will be hard because i'll be an hour away at school but i just want it so bad. guess we'll see what happens.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


i will write i will write i will write

Monday, March 2, 2009

the fightin' pickles

yes its been a long time but i dont have Internet at home so yeah.

i had my audition for University of North Carolina School for the Arts last weekend. there mascot is "the Fighting Pickle" and they even have a fight song which is obviously an ironic statement considering that they don have sports teams.

UNCSA is an umbrella school for the University of North Carolina and was the first public arts college. i feared that i would get there and fall absolutely in love with the school and i did. the campus is tiny but just the idea of going to school with all artistic minded people without a nursing major in sight is really tempting . even my mother really liked it and she usually find 1000 problems with everything.

everyone i've talked to insists that its like going to theatre boot camp. which is probably true. i keep thinking that it would be the closest i ever get to attending the high school from Fame.

if i get a rejection letter im going to be heart broken. this tiny school in Winston-Salem, NC has captured my heart and i want to be in an environment that makes me work hard.

positive thought until in get my letter.