Sunday, September 21, 2008

What You Want

While i was working my internship this summer, i developed an unhealthy fascination with this show.

10 girls competed in "the ultimate Broadway audition" and one lucky girl got to play Elle Woods on Broadway.

some of the giddy girls competing for the prize were:
the token Rocker Chick
The Daughter of the guy who played Squigy on Lavern and Shirley

in the end in came down to the final two:
the vetern struggling actress who had national tour and regional theatre experience


The fan favorite small town pastor's daughter.

in the end the small town girl beat out the (probably more deserving) acting veteran. so why am i writing about this? its not that i could ever, ever, ever see my self playing Elle on *theatre kid gasp* Broadway. its because it really was a profile of past and (mostly) current theatre majors since most of the girls are younger than 21.

but my favorite thing to come for this Pulitzer worthy piece of entertainment:

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