Monday, March 2, 2009

the fightin' pickles

yes its been a long time but i dont have Internet at home so yeah.

i had my audition for University of North Carolina School for the Arts last weekend. there mascot is "the Fighting Pickle" and they even have a fight song which is obviously an ironic statement considering that they don have sports teams.

UNCSA is an umbrella school for the University of North Carolina and was the first public arts college. i feared that i would get there and fall absolutely in love with the school and i did. the campus is tiny but just the idea of going to school with all artistic minded people without a nursing major in sight is really tempting . even my mother really liked it and she usually find 1000 problems with everything.

everyone i've talked to insists that its like going to theatre boot camp. which is probably true. i keep thinking that it would be the closest i ever get to attending the high school from Fame.

if i get a rejection letter im going to be heart broken. this tiny school in Winston-Salem, NC has captured my heart and i want to be in an environment that makes me work hard.

positive thought until in get my letter.

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