Monday, December 28, 2009

a plea for retail

i've been spending my break (glorious,glorious xmas break) working at a large chain bookstore and cafe in an effort to be able to afford to eat. retail is always an adventure so before my break ends i'd like to reflect a little on things everyone should consider before going shopping.

coupons- i cannot magically make you coupon work if it is expired, does not apply to what you are buying, or the item your buying is already reduced. insisting i "try it anyway" will only lead to disappointment. also, no i cannot give you someone elses coupon that already been used. nor, can i magically look up your coupon in the register computer. print that shit out or suck it up and pay full price.

rudeness- being rude to me because you not happy about your miserable life doesn't make anything better. next time your rude to some low level employee take a sec and imagine what might be going on in their life. chances are their day has been just as bad as yours, probably worse consider you haven't been standing behind a register for 8 hours.

asking to speak to a manager- if after i've pleaded with you and done my best to convince you there is nothing further i can do to reduce your price you'd like to "speak to a manager" i'm telling you now it wont make any difference. they are not going to give you free money just for showing up. all your going to do is make a bunch of other shoppers angry for holding up the line. hope they dont decided to run over you in the parking lot.

that's enough for now.

next semester- Opera!!! Burlesque!!! stay tune.

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