Wednesday, January 20, 2010

thats a wrap

first day done.

woke up starving and craving oatmeal. which is weird but moving on...

while in the hall waiting for my second class of the day on of the token musical theatre gay boy stormed out of the previous class crying. ITS THE FIRST DAY! anyway, it turns out he had an argument in class with his identical looking(seriously i can barely tell them apart) roommate about sleeping with the tv on. a serious enough argument about wasting electricity at night it brought on a full diva fit by 10am.

the rest of the day consisted of look at syllabus-panic about cost of text book. just copy and paste that about 4 times.

when i got to opera rehearsal i had to ask myself "who are these people?" answer: music majors-the only people more socially awkward than theatre majors. but i will admit they have something on me. i feel like a total fraud being in an opera and not being able to read music. im bitter my parents never put me in piano lessons but for a lot of my life that just wasn't viable option financially. i can match pitches just fine but when i look at the music score its like reading latin, which is unfortunate because some of the lyrics are in latin.

we'll see how this goes.

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